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Atlas Lens Co
Film Set
25mm Orion Series Anamorphic
Cinema Camera
Atlas Lens Co
Atlas 40MM
Film Set
Behind The Scenes
cinema lenses
Atlas Orion Series Silver Edition
Car Mount
Building Camera
Atlas 65mm
Film Set Life
Car Rig
  • Creative Direction: Atlas Lens Co., Petiteoki Studio, Production: Petiteoki Studio


    Atlas Lens Co.: Marketing Director: Kathy Tran, Creative + Partner Manager: Kim Hogue, Lens Technician: Matthew Sala

    Talent: Justin, Jon, Ted, Kyle, Dan, Noah, Melissa, AD: Kyle Durich, PA: Theodore Park, Arjay Jalmaani, Kyle Durich

In anticipation of Atlas Lens Co.'s visual revamp plan, we came on board to create lifestyle product photos and product listing photos that would best represent the products to one of the most creatively discerning cinematographers and other professionals in the film industry.


Product Listing Photos

Lifestyle Product Photos


Creative Direction,

Art Direction
Set Design
Photo Retouch

Bring life to the characters 

BTS but nicer

The Glass of Chocie

WHO \ Atlas Lens Co.

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